Track Information Securely

HomeView is an easy-to-use, patent-pending FREE technology that allows the homeowner to track information about their home and it’s completely anonymous.

Getting Started

Friendly wizard makes it easy to get started.

Unlimited Photos

A fun way to add info is to start by taking pictures and add other details later.

Powerful Search

Automatically download item information from Amazon using product name or barcode.

Documents at Your Fingertips

Store user manuals, service records, how-to videos and anything else you want.

Stay in the Know

Keep track of warranty expirations and maintenance reminders.

Never Lose Touch

Easily store contact info for service providers and others involved with your home.

HomeView Cloud

Seamless use between desktops and devices.


Users can share information with others to show a house to a prospective buyer or check in on aging parents

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited number of photos, videos and documents.


  • Completely anonymous
  • Supports multiple properties, each property can have unlimited rooms, each room can have unlimited items
  • Unlimited number of photos of properties, rooms and items can be stored
  • Unlimited number of PDF's such as user manuals, service records and receipts can be attached to properties, rooms and items
  • Import contacts such as service providers directly from iOS
  • Compatible with iOS/iCloud calendar for things such as maintenance reminders and warranty expirations
  • Fully document renovations and other projects
  • Barcode scan new purchases for easy updating
  • Easily load new items from Amazon's database
  • Move items between rooms and even properties
  • Share properties with other HomeView users
  • Work seamlessly between computers and mobile devices
  • Helps project capital requirements over multiple years
  • Helps track cost basis and total investment in property
  • Runs on Microsoft's Azure cloud service with fully encrypted data transmission


  • Automatically download user manuals, warranty info, etc. from manufacturers' databases
  • Automated collection of utility costs
  • Notification of product recalls
  • Smart home integration
  • Anonymous bidding for services and item replacement
  • Ability to anonymously share cost information within the local community
  • Ability to join buying groups to purchase common goods and services at a discount
  • Identification of the 2 or 3 most popular service providers for each category, i.e. plumber, electrician, etc.